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  Description Approx. Download Time
Demo Video A 90-second overview of the Trainer.
View the Demo Video.
Dial-up: 6 minutes
Broadband: 1 minute
Instructional Video An 8-minute video on using the Trainer as part of a tennis lesson with beginner and advanced students.
View the Instructional Video.

Dial-up: 25 minutes
Broadband: 3 minutes

Articles about balance & balance drills using the Ultimate Balance Trainer

"All About the Russians — Meaning it's All About Footwork" by Jim McLennan
This is an excellent article about superior balance on the tennis court, and how the Russian women's long-term emphasis on balance training paid off in 2004 (Courtesy of TennisOne Magazine).
"Balance: How 'Body Sense' Makes Better Tennis Players" by Rhys Thomas
The first in our 3-part balance drill series: the evolution of balance in modern tennis and practical balance improvement drills for players of all levels.
"The Power of Balance in the Backcourt" by Rhys Thomas
The second in our 3-part series: key balance skills and drills at the baseline.
"Balance at the Net: Quickness, Accuracy and Anticipation" by Rhys Thomas
The final part of our 3-part series: key balance skills and drills for volleying and net work.

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