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Why it works

Scroll down below the figure for details on how the Trainer works. What's most important is why: three features separate the Ultimate Balance Trainer from balance boards & balls and every other balance-training aid:

1. The Trainer is so small and light that it can be used while practicing the sport itself. You experience what moving in balance "feels" like while you are practicing your sport — a revelation to many people, even to some veteran and accomplished athletes.

2. When you are off-balance, the Trainer tells you immediately and in which direction — and sometimes you may be surprised! Many athletes in many fast-moving situations are not aware when they are off-balance, or in what direction.

3. The 16 levels of sensitivity allow every user to receive just the right amount of feedback for steady improvement for every drill. Users quickly find that their balance is better in certain motions than in others — we all know which are our "best shots" and which ones we avoid! — and the Trainer allows you to work on each drill at the appropriate level for your skill in that particular drill.

(Unit is 1.75" x 3" x 0.75" and weighs 1.5 oz)

How it works

It is not necessary to understand how the Trainer works in order to use it. The physics of balance are complex; so you can skip this section and still enjoy the full benefit of using the Trainer to improve your balance.

The Ultimate Balance Trainer monitors and analyses body angle and acceleration using electronic motion sensors. Its software continuously compares the wearer's upper-body position against the optimal. A gentle voice speaks from the device only when the user is off-balance, and says "Front", "Back", "Right" or "Left" — and the user intuitively corrects his/her position while practicing.

Balanced motion.
(Click here if the pendulum is not moving.) Animation courtesy of TennisOne Magazine.

The animated figure to the left illustrates optimal balance at rest and in motion. When you are standing still, you are in balance when your hips, trunk and head — your "core" — are all lined up vertically and there is no strain in any direction that can cause spinal stress. When you are accelerating, and especially when you are reversing direction, as occurs frequently in many sports, your core should no longer be lined up vertically. You should lean into the direction of acceleration, just enough to keep your core stable (and your spine relaxed!) Watch the pendulum and you will observe that the base — the "legs" — moves slightly in the opposite direction from the top — the "core" — to initiate or reverse motion. This dynamic allows efficient motion and transfer of power through the core without spinal stress. The large muscles in your legs are doing the work, your core is providing rotation, your arms are providing control, and your head is still, improving vision and coordination. This is the characteristic, intuitive motion that can be observed in top athletes in all sports, and which was notoriously difficult to learn for the rest of us. Until now!

Recently-developed electronic motion sensors, and several years of painstaking testing and development, ensure that the Ultimate Balance Trainer provides reliable and accurate feedback — and yet the product is simple and intuitive: just practice your sport, and a human voice guides you to better balance.

The Ultimate Balance Trainer can be set to 16 sensitivity levels. These levels accommodate users over the entire range of skills and for various sports (levels 1-10 are useful for dynamic running activities such as tennis; levels 6-16 for more static activities such as physical therapy). Feedback is appropriate to the student's level, and improvement can be monitored by the student and teaching pro over time and for a wide variety of drills and exercises.

All this in one small, rugged and light device that attaches conveniently to your headgear using Velcro.

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