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"I evaluated the Ultimate Balance Trainer and we are using it with our students at the Smith-Stearns Tennis Academy. I recommend it for all tennis players."

Stan Smith
Former #1-ranked player in the world
Former Director of Coaching, USTA Player Development Program

"Balance is the essential link between technical ability and performance, but is very difficult to teach. The Ultimate Balance Trainer is an idea whose time has come, and will soon be the standard for developing balance in tennis and all athletics."

Vic Braden
Best-selling tennis author, sport-science researcher, TV commentator
Founder, Vic Braden Tennis College

"I would suggest that every teaching professional use the Ultimate Balance Trainer with their students at every level. It adds a dimension of objectivity, fun, and positive results whenever it has been used in my private or group instruction."

Ken DeHart
Tennis Director, San Jose Swim and Racquet Club
USPTA and PTR Master Professional (visit Ken's website)

"Best tennis training tool I've ever come across. Noticeably improved my game, which, at my stage in life, I thought would be almost impossible."

Gary Chafetz
Head Women's Tennis Coach, Emerson College
Ranked #32 in the US in Men's 55 & over

"The Ultimate Balance Trainer has been invaluable in improving my footwork and adding more power to my forehand. I wear it for the first 15 minutes of every practice session. After only a few weeks, the difference in my game is amazing."

Anne Smith, Ph.D.
Winner, 10 Grand Slam Doubles Championships
Author, Coach of WTT Boston Lobsters, Commentator, The Tennis Channel (visit Anne's website)

"My teaching is focused on good posture and balance. The Ultimate Balance Trainer creates an awareness of balance that the words I use just can't. Outstanding teaching tool!"

Brent Abel, WebTennis.net
(Click here for a webtennis.net video)

"The Ultimate Balance Trainer is the perfect complement for the person who wants to kick their tennis game up a notch... I am most impressed with the ability to develop a precision shot making game... Ultimate Balance is great for use on a backboard, ball machine or with a practice partner. An improvement of 2-3 levels in Ultimate Balance can mean a difference in 2-3 games per set in your final score."

Randall Fuller
Mill Valley, CA (Click here to read Randall's entire letter)

"I recommend the Ultimate Balance Trainer for use with players from beginners to professionals."

Pasi Kinnunen
Coach, Finnish Tennis Federation

"The Ultimate Balance Trainer is a great tool for all levels of players to improve their movements and hit positions. It is a great aid for the tennis teacher too -- improves class efficiency and motivation."

Fernando Delgado, International Professional ERPT
Co-founder, Technology Sport

"I am a coach and a 5.0 player... I now use the Trainer for every practice, about 5 times a week... I work mostly with several ranked juniors (advanced players)... They each use it about twice a week, although it is used more frequently if necessary... There are a number of advantages: The device is light and small... It is invaluable at correcting the subtle movements... The cost is quite reasonable considering the heavy use it gets and the insight it provides."

Chip Williams
Teaching Pro and 5.0 player (Click here to read Chip's entire letter)

"I purchased the Ultimate Balance Trainer, which I find very useful. Thanks again for your wonderful device. The invention is pure genius."

Philip Johnston
Former Chief Sports Editor, The Moscow Times

"As a player who recovered from two seriously broken legs and had to learn how to regain their use through extensive physical therapy, the Ultimate Balance Trainer's bio-feedback immediately made me aware of how to correct my stance and balance after losing most of my coordination in my lower extremities."

Mike Young, Tennis Coach
Lee County, FL

"My student who was most often out of balance put it on for about 10 minutes ... she knew it was correct and has hit with better balance since. Played the best match of her season on Wednesday."

Dee Henry, Head Tennis Coach
Biola University

"I was initially skeptical. I've seen lots of teaching aids, and they don't work. But this one does work. I've seen the results on myself and on my students."

Damon Accardi
Tennis Pro, Thoreau Club, Concord, MA




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